Census 2020

Census 2020

Article 1, Section 2 of the Constitution requires a count of the population every ten years. The Census is used to apportion seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and for the allocation of billions of dollars to states, municipalities, and residents. For New Jerseyans, that means funding for everything from infrastructure projects, to hospitals, to schools.

The Census only takes 10 minutes to complete and will ensure New Jersey gets a fair return on our federal tax dollars. Fill out the Census today and get counted. 


How Can I Fill Out the Census?

See below for information on the ways you can fill out the 2020 Census. Or go to 2020census.gov to learn more. 



By Mail

Residents should have received a 2020 Census form in the mail earlier this year. This form can be filled out and returned to the U.S. Census Bureau. You can learn more about the form here.

By Phone

English: 844-330-2020

Spanish: 844-468-2020

Phone numbers in multiple other languages, as well as other helpful Census information for New Jersey residents can also be found at census.nj.gov.  

In Person Household Interviews:

On August 11, 2020 the Census will begin extensive Non-Response Follow-Up (NRFU) in New Jersey with households that have not already self responded to the Census using one of the three methods above. You can find more information on what to expect from an in person census taker who comes to your door, particularly during COVID, and how to verify that someone is a census taker here.  


Frequently Asked Questions About the Census

Answers to FAQs about the 2020 Census can be found here. Instructional videos and printable guides on filling out the census can be found on New Jersey’s Census website as well. 


What is the Self Response Rate for New Jersey’s 11th District?

As of July 26th, it was 74.3% which means we still have work to do! Up to date response rates not only by Congressional District, but also by State, County, Town and Census Tract can be found here


How Have Census Operations Adjusted Due to COVID?

Certain census operations have been adjusted and delayed due to COVID in order to protect public health. You can read more here about these adjustments and how the Census plans to count everyone!