FY 2022 Appropriations - Community Project Funding Disclosures




The following Community Funded Projects are those being submitted by Representative Mikie Sherrill on behalf of the New Jersey 11th Congressional District. In this extremely competitive process, Rep. Sherrill is only able to submit 10 project requests out of the dozens received. Those requests must be for state or local governments, government-adjacent organizations, and nonprofits. Final decisions on which projects ultimately receive funding will be made by the House Committee on Appropriations later this year. 

By requesting funding for these projects, Rep. Sherrill is fighting to bring crucial money back to NJ-11.


Members must certify that they, their spouse, and other immediate family members do not have a financial interest in the projects in which funding requests were made. Details and disclosures for each project submitted by Rep. Sherrill are posted below. 

Project Submissions from NJ-11:

Note: Projects are listed in alphabetical order.

Project:  Bloomfield Township Lead Service Line Replacement Program
Sponsor: Township of Bloomfield
Location: 1 Municipal Plaza, Bloomfield, NJ 07003
Requested Amount: $255,000

Link to Disclosure Letter

The funding would be used for the replacement of lead service lines and customer water meters to improve water quality and promote public health and safety in the community. This project will replace 30 lines along Main Terrace, an area home to traditionally underserved populations who may not have the financial means to upgrade their water system. 

Project:  Hopatcong PFAS Water System Upgrade Phase 1
Sponsor:  Borough of Hopatcong
Location: 111 River Styx Road, Hopatcong, NJ 07843
Requested Amount: $800,000
Link to Disclosure Letter

The funding would be used for the installation of above ground vessels containing either granular activated carbon or ion exchange materials at the location of water wells with elevated PFAS levels. The well water would filter through these vessels prior to discharge to the Borough potable water distribution system.

Project:  Mental Health Association of Essex and Morris' Suicide Prevention Services
Sponsor: Mental Health Association of Essex and Morris
Location: 300 Littleton Road Parsippany, NJ 07054
Requested Amount: $296,550
Link to Disclosure Letter

The funding would be used for Suicide Prevention Services, which are designed to provide specific presentations on suicide prevention for schools. These services can also be provided to the greater community, including parents, family members, houses of worship, and colleges. The services will be provided in Essex, Morris, Passaic, and Sussex Counties. The project will include a media campaign to increase awareness regarding mental health with information on how and where to find help.

Project: Morris Habitat for Humanity, 42 Bennett Avenue-Randolph
Sponsor: Morris Habitat for Humanity
Location: 274 South Salem Street, Randolph, NJ 07869
Requested Amount: $3 million
Link to Disclosure Letter

The funding would be used for the construction of twenty-five affordable homes and a community room at 42 Bennett Avenue, Randolph, NJ. The 2.5-acre property is currently  owned by Randolph Township and will be sold to Morris Habitat for $1.00. The township will be responsible for environmental remediation, demolition of existing structures, site design, approvals and permitting. Eligible Morris County families will earn the benefits of homeownership by completing hours of labor at the site and their no-interest mortgage program.

Project:  Morris Plains Traffic Improvements
Sponsor: Borough of Morris Plains
Location: 531 Speedwell Avenue, Morris Plains, NJ 07950
Requested Amount: $136,330
Link to Disclosure Letter

The funding would be used to enhance pedestrian walkway safety features. This includes new sidewalks and crosswalks, a pedestrian overpass, intersection improvement, and traffic signal optimization. This will provide safe pedestrian access to public transportation for approximately 420 residents living in Foxwoods and Davenport Village affordable housing apartments.

Project:  Peckman River Flood Mitigation
Sponsor: Army Corps of Engineers
Location: Peckman River (Address of receiving entity: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New York District, 26 Federal Plaza, New York, NY, 10278)
Requested Amount: $500,000
Link to Disclosure Letter

This project would provide the Preconstruction Engineering and Design (PED) for the Army Corps Peckman River project. The Recommended Plan includes a combination of a diversion culvert connecting the Peckman and Passaic Rivers; associated weirs; levees and floodwalls; channel modifications; and nonstructural measures within the ten percent floodplain upstream of Route 46.

Project: Stanhope Water Main Replacement
Sponsor: Borough of Stanhope
Location: 77 Main St, Stanhope, NJ 07874
Requested Amount: $250,000
Link to Disclosure Letter

The funding would be used for the replacement of undersized water mains on Sunset Avenue, Ridge Road, and Overhill Road in Stanhope Borough. The water mains are 70 years old and past their useful lifespan. It is essential that the aging drinking water infrastructure be replaced as the current water main system is unreliable. Replacement will also improve the Borough’s overall waterflow, advancing public safety and emergency preparedness.

Project: Totowa PAL Fields Recreational Lighting
Sponsor: Borough of Totowa
Location: 537 Totowa Road, Totowa, NJ 07512
Requested Amount: $649,000
Link to Disclosure Letter

The funding would be used for the purchase and installation of poles and new LED lights for the football field and Lincoln 90 baseball field at the Totowa PAL Fields complex, located at 150 Chamberlain Avenue in Totowa. This project will help provide a safe outdoor recreation space for all Totowa residents. These lights will not only be used during scheduled sporting events, but by multiple community groups for other activities that take place at these fields throughout the year.

Project:  United In Care
Sponsor: United Way of Northern New Jersey
Location: 222 Ridgedale Ave, Cedar Knolls NJ 07927
Requested Amount: $3.1 million
Link to Disclosure Letter 

The funding would be used to expand United Way of Northern New Jersey’s collaborative project, United in Care, to New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District. This program aims to rebuild New Jersey’s early education and care sector after having lost 71 percent of family childcare providers. The program will include small, minority, and women-owned businesses; state-supported referral agencies; early education experts; data analysts; funders and the community. 

Project: West Orange Degnan Park Senior Citizens Park Improvements Project
Sponsor: Township of West Orange
Location: 66 Main Street, West Orange, NJ 07052
Requested Amount: $250,000
Link to Disclosure Letter

The funding would be used for the expansion of Degnan Park’s existing amenities and enhancement of the site for ADA accessibility. Degnan Park is located at Alisa Drive and Pleasant Valley Way in West Orange. The project will provide recreation equipment for low impact fitness geared towards older adults to help improve fitness and decrease loneliness.